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import woocommerce products to Wordpress

Best way of Importing Woocommerce Products to a WordPress Website

There’s a few ways to import content into WordPress, but in this tutorial, I’ll be focusing on importing WooCommerce products in particular, and more particularly in bulk without
any fuss by using one of the best import methods I’ve come across called the WP-ALL-IMPORT plugin.

One of the biggest problems with WordPress & Woocommerce is the vast amount of choices you have when choosing a plugin, specifically to this video, an Import Plugin. WordPress has multiple different developers creating similar plugins that basically does the same thing, but they’re not all great plugins so you mostly end up with a plugin that does very little before you have to end up buying the pro version to do the next basic thing.

That’s the crazy world of open-source and makes filtering through the WordPress Repository a slight bit of a nightmare trying to find the right plugin for you.

Today I’m saving you the hassle, so look no further!

Sure we can use WooCommerce’s built-in import function but I’ve found it to be clunky and very hard to use because the user has to adopt their WooCommerce product content in their CSV file specific to the fields that Woocommerce offers and all that without having any kind of preview of what you’re importing.

Aside from the previously noted drawback, you require an extra program on your computer that will allow you to edit CSV files, as opposed to logically adding your product content to an excel file and just upload it that way.

The plugin I’m using for this however, called WP All Import has a step-by-step Wizard and a click, drag and drop function which allows file types like XML, CSV or even Microsoft Excel’s file extension to be easily uploaded, then assign relevant fields and edit your input content like pricing, brands, custom taxonomies and an endless list of fields before pressing that import button.

Users looking to create a drop shipping store with thousands of products, especially has a huge benefit to gain from this video and the plugin we’re showcasing today.

We’ll be working mostly in the backend of our WordPress site today so, let’s log in and get started with the video.

I’ve tried to give as much detail in this video as I could because some options for example can be quite confusing for beginners, especially if you don’t know WordPress too well.

If you are new to WordPress and Woocommerce, I recommend checking out this video on Installing WordPress & Woocommerce. I’m very sure that all newbies to the platform can certainly benefit from this video before moving on to individual features and functions like WP All Import.

To close off, we recommend WP ALL IMPORT to anyone, and I’d like to make mention that we have no partnership with them so I’m not getting paid for saying this or making this video – I just figured I’d make a video because I found the plugin to be great for beginners and just as great for experts wanting to use XPATH functions.

It’s easy to use, to the point, from my experience so far, it seems to be bug-free and the WordPress plugin is properly support by it’s developers. The plugin we used, was the free version but I can’t even imagine what the paid version is like because the free version of this plugin has been fantastic.

We’ve been using it in our company for about 6 months now and have not once required more functionality than it offers already – If we ever do require the Pro version and we end up buying the license, I’ll be sure to create a video showcasing the Pro features.

That’s it from my side, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and thanks for watching!

Till next time

Rapheala Scabia
Crazy, Fun and Outspoken Web Designer & Developer at Webdesign Hub

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