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FREE WooCommerce Brands Plugin

FREE Woocommerce Brands Yith Plugin! ✅ Add Brands to your Store & EARN BIG on Google Merchant Center

Adding Free WooCommerce brands to your products is a sure way to help your customers find what they are looking for.

Just like adding a category, you can assign a name, description and an image to each of your brands. This really ads a level of navigation to your Ecommerce Store and will help you sell more because a lot of customers know what they are looking for before even visiting your website.

I mentioned at the start that there are massive SEO benefits and Google Merchant Centre use tags to keep track of the different metrics and features of each product.

You see tags and product attributes like colors, sizes and variants all have big SEO value and brands do too. Adding a brand is typically the same as adding a tag or product attribute but this feature doesn’t come standard with Woocommerce and many plugin developers are charging for you to buy their plugins.

Let’s jump in with this Video Tutorial by checking out our awesome video (at the title of this post) – Alternatively CLICK HERE to go straight to Youtube & check out our other cool Tutorials!

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