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How To Create A Multi Step Form Free in WordPress

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Multi Step forms are a great way for your website visitors to submit their information. Join me in this tutorial and I’m going to show how you can use WP Forms Lite to create Multi-Step form Surveys, Contact Forms, Data Collection Forms and increase user experience.

During my time in web development I’ve created a lot of types of forms. Multi Step forms draws a lot of interest because they look good and they’re structured. Personally I have always found the user experience of a form requiring more than about 5 fields to be more friendly to the visitor if done in steps instead of one big form. Of course there are exceptions, for example a Landing page would look better with a simple contact form, you can view my video here if this is what you’d like to create.

This video however, will be a tutorial on how to create a multi-step form for free. I’m being a little bit creative with the WP Forms Lite version and it has it’s limitations also, however, if you don’t have a budget and you’re starting out, then this is a great way to get it done.. Besides that, although limited, we can indeed still create a multi-step form for free and of course, it’s easy and simple for the beginner or even advanced web designer looking for a timesaver.

The Pro version will be showcased in my next video about WP Forms which includes more advanced functions like payments and conditional logic and so on. But if you want to create a multi-step form for a survey, data collection or, if your contact form is quite large and requires extra fields, this is the video for you, SO LET’S GET STARTED.

I’m going to use an example of a student information collection form in which I’m collecting information from a studedent wishing to submit their information to join a course on the website.

Keep in mind that although this is an example, that this method can be applied to any form you had in mind.

Before I start, please note that I have already covered the installation and setup of the the WP Forms Lite plugin in the previous video which I’ll link in the description. If you are unsure how to go about it, be sure to check out that video.

Also note that I will be using the Elementor Page Builder & Essential Addons Plugins. Both are free plugins which you can install within WordPress by going to Plugins and installing them from there.

If you are using another page builder or WordPress for your pages, simply use use the WP Form widget.

You can now view the video for the Tutorial Portion of this post.

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