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How to install WordPress using Cpanel or Softaculous

This is a really simple tutororial on installing WordPress using Softaculous Apps Installer on your Cpanel.

I almost feel that this How-to is a little bit too simple and that maybe I shouldn’t, but no. I think this is the right choice because if you’ve read my other articles, you’ll know that we’ve started a bit of a series on How-To Tutorials for WordPress Design & Development. I figured this will tie in nicely as one of the starting blocks of starting your WordPress Website, Blog or Ecommerce store.

This is a simple process but the aim with this tutorial is to help clarify and ease your mind with the many options throughout the WordPress Softaculous Installation Process.

It’s easy, to the point and if you are looking to get a simple to fairly complex WordPress Website designed, these options in this guide is more than sufficient.

Onwards we go! Let’s get started…

Step 1:

In your Cpanel, either search: “Softaculous” in the search bar or scroll down and browse for the Softaculous Apps Installer and click on it

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Step 2:

Next up you can either search for WordPress or browse until you find the WordPress Apps Installer. I always mention both options because developers update their versions and often doesn’t look exactly like our screenshots. So it’s always safe to search!

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Step 3:

Then hover your mouse pointer over WordPress and click install.

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WordPress Softaculous Installation Screen

On the installation screen, we’ve compiled the necessary screens that needs editing before you install. Some fields are optional whereas other fields may end up installing the wrong install, so stick to the guide and you’ll be fine.

If however, for any reason you have some questions regarding some of the other options, we’ll help you out for free, just visit our CONTACT US page and fill in the form or click the chatbox at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4:

On the first section, there are mainly two parts to pay attention to:

1. Choosing your protocol – To WWW or not to WWW: You have the choice of either adding the www (World Wide Web) in front of your domain name or leaving it out. We’ve done some extensive research and also in our own experience it really doesn’t matter too much at all, especially when considering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and again, no difference so you can choose as you please or whichever you feel looks best to your website visitors.

2. HTTP or HTTPS – Then the other portion of this is field is to either choose https:// or http:// – Choose https:// if you have an SSL Certificate installed from your hosting provider, if not, then choose http:// – If you are not sure, then DON’T change anything here as the default option should be the correct one. Please keep in mind that this is in conjunction with the WWW portion of the section.
I would like to note that SSL Certificates are almost a must for reasons including ECommerce, Google Search Traffic and a host of other benefits for security. There are FREE SSL CERTIFICATES out there so if your Hosting Provider is the Big G – I won’t mention the mammoth that I’m talking about, but you may guess who, then pass on them. Free SSL Certificates are a norm these days so rather shop around or ask us who we would recommend and gladly assist. 
Creating a sub-folder (optional) –

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On this section, you will simply add your website name and a sort of slogan in the site description for example:

Site Name: Webdesign Hub,

Site Desicription: Awesome Website Design and Development.

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Next up, choose your Username, Password and the Admin Email.

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Then finally, add the email address to where you would like to have the installation details emailed to. These details aren’t crazy important unless you need FTP account details and the rest so it’s optional and you can always set up an FTP in your Cpanel too.

And then click install.


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That’s it! If you have followed the tutorial on How to Install WordPress correctly, you should see this screen:

Website Design in East Rand - Web Design Hub

I’ve tried keeping this sweet and short and hope I accomplished that – I always mention that if you guys have any questions to just visit the Contact page and fill in the form.

Cheers for now from Webdesign Hub and all the best.

Until next time…

Bye for now 🙂


Rapheala Scabia
Crazy, Fun and Outspoken Web Designer & Developer at Webdesign Hub

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