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google indexing request is currently suspended fix

Google Webmaster Tools: “indexing requests are currently suspended”

Where it started:

So you got the “Page actions are Temporarily Disabled” tab in your Webmasters account hey? Let me tell you what to expect and what to do about it.

About two months ago I did my routine Friday blog and usually I head on down to Google Webmasters and index the new URL directly.

To my dismay I realized that the Request Indexing button was greyed out…


Naturally I assumed, ok, well Google is just doing some routine maintenance and carried on about my day and didn’t think much of it. This happens and Google Organic Search has been busy with tons of updates recently so I really didn’t worry too much about it.

The following week, wrote my blog again and headed on down to Google Webmasters and… again! Same thing!

I decided to get down to the bottom of this, besides, I get a week or so but in my experience, longer than two weeks and you seriously need to check out what the issue could be.

So I inspected a bit more and found this somewhat un-noticeable notification I hadn’t seen before and this alarmed me because this could be a disqualification or penalty from Google, right?


I then opened the old Chrome and started typing away to find out if other people had experienced this and found hundreds of other blog posts and Reddit threads saying the same thing – Even a bunch of blogs copy’ing each other.

What I found

So moving on, clicking on “Learn more” in the same bar should put your mind at ease and bring you to this page:


I’d like to point out, if you have any error or if this link takes you to anything other than this report that you may want to seek a bit further – In fact, you can report it with us and we’ll try help resolve this for you, FREE OF CHARGE 😉 – Visit our Contact Page and fill in the form for help

On a final note to this section – It’s about 6 weeks since I first got this notification (and yes, it showed up a week or two before the 14th October 2020) so if you still have this issue, don’t worry too much – Rather check out the workaround and stop stressing about Google for one day 🙂

The Workaround for indexing your newly created pages

The good news is that there certainly is a workaround and you can rest assured knowing that it took my site about a day or day and a half to index my new content and some of my customers’ content also took relatively quick. I was actually surprised at a newly developed website that also took a day or two for the content to update on Organic Search Results and performance stats on Webmaster Tools.

So the workaround you ask?

Simple, submit an updated sitemap: 

If you don’t have one, we’ll write a full “How-to” on this in the future but in the meantime visit

Then add your URL, let it crawl your site and download the file. Next, head on to your Hosting’s file section and paste the file in any PUBLIC directory of your choice like for example /public_html/

Take note on where you store it as you’ll need that URL for submitting your sitemap. The above URL in it’s clean form will look like this: (remember the “http” or “https” is also important.

Next up, submit the clean URL to Google Webmasters like the steps in this screenshot:


Alternatively, if you don’t already have a sitemap file in your directory, then simply install a Plugin, absolutely free – You can just visit the WordPress Repository and download one of the many there or, READ ON…!

If you need a WordPress Plugin solution, then currently, we recommend RankMath’s free version as it does wonders and is a super simple, somewhat lightweight and basic plugin – In fact, we’ll be doing a review and “how-to” of this Plugin very soon so stick around if you want more on this plugin.

Setting up the plugin is as simple as following their installation instructions and setting it up – The chances are, if you are indeed installing a plugin for a sitemap, then you probably need some Search Engine Optimization as well so, two birds, one stone 😉

Not that I’m saying stone birds, that’s horrible but you get the message, except for Twitter, they could use a stone or two 🙂

To finish off…

I hope I at least put your mind at ease on this Google Inspect URL “Page actions are Temporarily Disabled” situation.

It isn’t a kind one and Google sometimes doesn’t quite communicate these things properly, but Google Webmasters is a free service, so I suppose we can’t complain too much and I’ll take what I can get in this modern new world.

As always, I hope you liked the article as much as I enjoy chatterboxing away on my keyboard – If you like, share it on social with our buttons below!

Till next time, Adios Muchachos! 

Rapheala Scabia
Crazy, Fun and Outspoken Web Designer & Developer at Webdesign Hub

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