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As a Website Design Company based in Benoni, we have delivered innovative and unique web designing and development solutions of varying complexities to customers all over the world...even though we're based in South Africa - Let's help you get started ... Get a Web Design Quote today!


A Website Design Company - 8 REASONS WE'RE DIFFERENT

WordPress, Woocommerce


Our Ecommerce, Webdesign Services offer  website development experience at a fraction of the cost. Our process for website development is bar none one of the best practices around. We offer speedy Ecommerce and Website Design delivery times, while keeping the quality of our work optimum. By using our own WordPress Themes, Templates and build custom integrations, we have developed the best and core functions for our own brand.


We have baseline experience of over 20 industries, thus making us already well informed about your business. We have built a bunch of websites and we believe that the only way to build a successful website is to understand our customers’ industry. That’s why, if we don’t already know a great deal about your business, we’ll research it until we do.


We understand a lot of things about successful websites and online stores but we also know a lot about building successful businesses Our parent company has over 8 Successful small businesses under it’s belt, all using the same successful recipe for business and incorporating it into our customers’ call for success. Our successful ventures include business accolades in Telecoms, Retail, Electric, Ecommerce and IT business interests and our senior leadership is highly knowledgeable about all elements of what makes a business successful.


We connect you to successful collaborations with other successful and recommended companies Let’s say you are building your first Online Shop and have no idea where to start, we will not only build and develop your own Ecommerce website, but we will also advise, recommend, register, integrate and deploy the services from third party companies regarding for example; your Payment Gateway System, The Courier Company and other useful integrations and future partnerships with great third party providers.


WordPress, Woocommerce, Payfast and Xneelo This is our working toolset and we stick to it. We pride ourselves in this because with those four big names, we have repeatedly created some of the most amazing website designs, ecommerce online stores, Google SEO success stories, custom integrations and just pure web development excellence and we’ll continue building on the success of these awesome companies!


Our service experience history was awarded by our technical tuition and career building success. When it comes to service, we are renowned for our happy customers because we understand what service means because we came out of service demanding industries. We truly do delivery with a smile, know-how and absolute ethical and honesty to our clientelle.


We work in something known as Hubs to increase proficiency and efficiency. Hubs are small 5 Unit business centres, each unit having a specific set of skills and cross-skilling with other units to provide a seamless and proactive experience for our customers requiring our services in SEO, Website Design, Integrations, Ecommerce, Marketing to mention a few.


We love our job and if you love your job, work isn’t working anymore. Keeping our fingers on the keyboards and strategically planning success for our customer is what we do best. There really is no greater reward than designing, developing and deploying our unique website designs to our customers.

We always keep it fresh with the big guys

As a Website Design Company, we work with some of the most reputable blue chip web development and marketing agencies, that makes us cutting edge and one of the best website design agencies in South Africa!

Our 5 Star Ratings from other major Companies

Web Design Hub is a collective agency of Top Technical Web Development & Design goodness. We’ve created some of the most awesome websites, online Ecommerce stores and continue to astonish the market with incredible designs and function.