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WordPress Websites for business is probably the best decision when it comes to Content Management (CMS) when designing your website. We don’t just make that statement as a Website Design & Development Agency, we live it…and we really do (Check out this link in our statement).

In this article I will explain the why and the do’s and don’ts that will make this decision a clear one.

Before we get on with the article, I’d like to mention that there will be a full series of these blogs and instructions that will also include WordPress Plugin & Theme test drives, what you can get away with using free versions and also how to get around the Pro versions. The aim here is to help you be able to design your own WordPress Website.

Why should you continue reading? Because we’re actual developers and not just bloggers, meaning, we create shortcuts and do it on the cheap, not because we are,  but because opensource means “open source” and all you need is the know-how and that’s what we’ll teach you!

So WordPress is incredibly trusted and has been around since 2003. You’re not here for a history lesson, but 17 Years and over 455 million websites built using it, that says something and here’s why: Plugins & Themes developed in Open Source (Current Plugins on WordPress: Over 50 000).

You see WordPress use little “App-like” assets called Plugins and they do exactly what they say. If you require Ecommerce Functionality, you search for example Woocommerce in their repository within the CMS and and Voila! Woocommerce pops up, you install and activate it and there you go – You’re store has Ecommerce functionality – Of course you have to set it up first but everything from the basic style to email invoicing and the rest is baked into this Plugin. Then add a Theme which you can also download using a similar step and all you have to do is basically load your products and you have an Online Shop.

I can probably build you a basic Online Shop complete with Landing Page, About Page, Shop Page, Contact Page and some styling in an hour if the Payment Gateway was ready for deployment – I ain’t braggin’, that’s the power of WordPress and it’s Themes and Plugins that helps me achieve this.

All of this sounds great and yes it is. It’s really, seriously simple. There is a but however.

The internet however is a beautiful but strange place. It’s similar to visiting India and getting bombarded with scam artists and crooks. I mention the internet because everyone Googles, and you should when you want to build your own website. Here is the nitty gritty though, if your map of India was forgotten in the taxi that left you on the street, you’ll be lost and picked on by sneaky scam artists and thieves.

The internet is full of bloggers acting just like those scam artists. Avoid these guys, in fact this was one of the reasons we decided to start writing these blogs, in the hope of making the internet a better place, one step at a time because the amount of false information and “clickbait” out there is just terrible, and we used to know how you sometimes feel.

So back to simplicity of using WordPress and the Plugins and Themes. It comes down to this: You don’t need to spend a single cent on a Plugin, a Theme or any baked-in functionality…EVER!

WordPress is 100% Free and the plugins that are out there are merely forcing you to buy convenience because their “Pro” functions are easier to adjust for the guy on the street. If you know how to work around them (and we’ll show you how), then use the Free Themes and Plugins we’ll be recommending and you’ll see just what we mean when we say WordPress Rocks!

Coming in the next few days will be an article covering a few awesome FREE plugins and how to get around using the Pro functionality without touching your credit card!

Until next time…Adios!

Rapheala Scabia
Crazy, Fun and Outspoken Web Designer & Developer at Webdesign Hub

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